Sugar Smart

Helping make Bristol a 'sugar smart' city

As part of an ongoing initiative, we’ve been working with Bristol City Council and Jamie Oliver’s Food Foundation since January 2017, to help encourage Bristol to become more Sugar Smart.

The Background

Sugar Smart was created by the Jamie Oliver Food Foundation in 2016.  It works in conjunction with local authorities, businesses and individuals to help them to reduce the amount of hidden sugar we consume as part of our daily lives. The statistics for the city of Bristol are quite shocking – 57% of adults and more than a third of 11-year-olds are now officially overweight and 3 out of 4 in some areas are classed as overweight or obese.

Earlier this year we were briefed by Bristol City Council and Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution to support their efforts to help Bristol become ‘Sugar Smart’ by raising awareness and reducing sugar consumption. 

Jamie Oliver
Sugar Smart Design

The campaign focuses on five key elements:

  1. Promoting – driving awareness of sugar smart campaign
  2. Informing – presenting factual information about local issues
  3. Engaging – working with the local community and businesses
  4. Connecting – joining these networks together behind a common cause
  5. Empowering – providing tools to help people make better/more informed choices.

We began by creating an animation that highlights the many shocking statistics surrounding the effects of too much sugar consumption. It was used extensively on digital displays wherever the Sugar Smart message was being promoted, most notably during the Bristol launch during January 2017 before a combined audience of about 40,000 fans in one weekend at Ashton Gate stadium.

Look how far we’ve come!

After nine successful months of hard work, and with the help of core Bristol based businesses, institutions and initiatives, Sugar Smart Bristol felt it was the time to reflect and celebrate their journey so far. For this, we created an infographic, showcasing the key events of the past year that helped to raise awareness of sugar consumption across the city.

The infographic was launched in October. Since then, it has been shared on social media by the various partners of the campaign. 

Sugar Smart at Six

Practicing what we preach

Sugar Smart made us want to do something in our own office about our collective sweet tooth. We now have a healthier view on sugar, having introduced salad swaps, yoga and weekly fruit deliveries to curb our daily urges for treats. We still indulge in our own version of Bake off, however, healthier entries are encouraged! Read more on our blog.

Our Account Director Sally took on the Sugar Smart challenge for the month of October, tracking her efforts with the Sugar Smart app. To find out how she got on, read her blog post.


We’re proud of this ongoing relationship and look forward to showing you what we do next.