Healthy serving of salad at a dinner table between two people


Adding spice to Schwartz’s digital experience

To help Schwartz appeal to millennials and healthy eaters, we designed and managed the build of three new landing pages for their main brand site. Mixing together vibrant animation and fresh designs, we served up a digital experience worth savouring.

A photograph of a hand drawn wireframe created for the Gluten Free Landing page


A cross-agency collaboration

Schwartz needed to amplify key messages for three exciting product launches – Street Food Seasonings, Organic herbs and spices, and three new Gluten Free recipe mixes. We worked closely with the developers from the very start, exploring new ways to push the boundaries of the CMS – and ensure our final designs were translated into a high-quality online experience.

Schwartz Street Food Seasonings

From restaurants to supermarkets, street food is the trend on everyone’s lips right now. Its popularity is being fed by millennials who love the casual, social vibe and Instagrammable dishes bursting with colour.

To help Schwartz tap into this trend – we created a dedicated Street Food landing page, capturing everything there is to love about street cuisine.

Street food product range webpage shown on a tablet screen
Chimichurri crusted salmon with roasted vegetables street food

“The team at Six were fantastic to work with on the bespoke new webpages for our product launches. Their proactive approach was really refreshing, pushing the boundaries of what was possible in a very restrictive site template, working hard to find solutions that overall improved the look and feel and increased dwell time.”

Katie King, Assistant Brand Manager


A larger-than-life animation welcomed visitors to the vibrant world of street food. By scrolling down, they were then taken on a world tour of inspirational cook-at-home recipes, bold designs and informal layouts – the perfect way to translate the street food experience online.


Organic herbs and spices

Schwartz are committed to making 100% of their iconic ingredients sustainably sourced by 2025. Their new range of organic herbs and spices is a big step towards reaching this goal.

Group of Schwartz Organic products on a wooden surface
Organic product range webpage shown in a browser window

To encourage healthy eaters to discover, explore and purchase from this range of organic ingredients, we created a light and fresh landing page. The simple design created the perfect foil to showcase the natural beauty of just-picked herbs.

Gluten Free recipe mixes

Who says giving up gluten has to mean saying goodbye to foods and flavours you love?

To promote the Schwartz Gluten Free range, we created a new landing page to inspire home cooks with delicious recipes that everyone can enjoy – all 100% gluten free.

We’re proud of this ongoing relationship and look forward to showing you what we do next. Our designs and strategic input have started to make a positive impact and we are excited to continue working with this dynamic brand.