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Helping to build a digitally-capable nation

Since 2014, Lloyds Bank have been evaluating the digital and financial capability of SMEs, charities and individuals across the UK. They’ve partnered with Government organisations, local authorities and large tech companies such as Google and BT, to collaborate on the insights and to produce tangible calls to action, all helping to close the digital skills gap.

The Business and Charity Digital Index and Consumer Digital Index reports are the biggest initiatives of this kind ever created. Using a blend of transactional and attitudinal online data, the Indexes are helping to create a 360-degree view of the UK digital landscape, by pioneering research on over 2,000 SMEs and charities and more than 9,000 individuals.

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Our collaboration over the years means that we’re closer than ever to the various business and retail audiences: their digital attitudes and their day-to-day pain points, and long-term challenges. The reports capture a complex series of key findings that a varied range of audiences use in very different ways – whether it is to inform education curriculums, form the basis of employee training programmes or design local community initiatives.

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* 4.3 million people have no basic digital skills at all – 81% of whom have no internet access.
* 25% of registered disable people are offline and are four times more likely to lack the five Basic Digital Skills.
* 99% of SMEs and charities are now online, meaning digital usage is at an all-time high.

Full list of key insights available here:


It was crucial to ensure we were able to adapt our creative processes to enable an iterative, yet flexible way of working. A sprint-like methodology focused on the priorities, and the ideal set-up for cost efficiencies and creative excellence to happily co-exist. Requirements were made into tasks and duration estimated, just like a pure agile digital project, so that decisions on the management of the constantly evolutive content could be made on the spot.


By creating a compelling visual narrative for these reports, we were able to transform extensive research and data into meaningful facts and trends that resonated across channels and audiences. Building on the year-on-year findings while making sure new insight was brought to life in a clear and compelling way, was crucial to our success.

As a result, the largest volunteer network Lloyds Banking Group Digital Champions was conceived, which consists of over 24,000 colleagues who pledge to help 2 or more people a year with digital skills and support. The Digital Knowhow workshop initiative was created in partnership with Google and Reason Digital to provide bespoke training to SMEs and charities. Lloyds are now seen as an established thought leader in the digital inclusion space and have recently been commissioned by the Department of Education to lead a consultation which lead the refreshed Essential Digital Skills framework (previously Basic Digital Skills) which will shape the 2020 Digital Skills entitlement plan. We’re proud to be able to support and contribute to the Lloyds Banking Group’s Helping Britain Prosper vision, making a meaningful difference in people’s lives.

Double page spread pages from the UK Consumer and UK Business and Charity Digital Index Reports

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Digital Behaviours and Benefits double page spread taken from the UK Digital Index Report

“Six were very accommodating and understood that we wanted to create what was right, not what was easy. They enabled us to use the updated branding to really transform the report into something that was far more appealing and relatable to our audience. Six always delivered to a high standard, and were reliable and efficient throughout the project.”

Joanna Boosey, Project Manager – Lloyds Banking Group