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Discover Clover™ - More than just a payment system

“The Clover point-of-sale solution needs to be the iPhone of the card payment world”. With such a bold statement, we couldn’t resist the challenge and so, we collaborated with the Lloyds Cardnet team to deliver a strategic end-to-end campaign, raising awareness of the Clover point-of-sale (POS) product range.


Whilst well-established competitors like Worldpay, Barclays and iZettle promote innovative seamless card payment transactions, Lloyds Bank Cardnet took it the next level with their Clover offering. Clover processes payments and offers a wealth of invaluable business insights, all packaged in sleek design units.

Our task was to define the single-minded proposition and to get under the skin of the target audience and unearth the unique benefits of having a Clover POS. It was the perfect time for Lloyds Bank Cardnet to re-establish themselves as a key player in the market.


From our experience in B2B marketing, we know that a lot of small business owners feel they are time poor. They lack time to do the most basic admin tasks, let alone investing in really getting to know their customers and growing their business. We found that a majority of competitors only offered a simple payment system which can be complicated to use, with little or no support in managing the day-to-day running of a business.

Our research also showed that businesses had no relationship with their system supplier. With Lloyds Bank Cardnet benefitting from the expertise and reputation of the biggest bank in the UK, it was crucial to ensure the gravitas of the Lloyds Bank brand was coming through.

Lloyds Cardnet Clover


Using our research and insights from this industry and our experience, we developed a series of personas and concepts which targeted early adopters and the majority. With these personas front of mind, we simply asked ‘How will Clover help improve my business?’. This led to the creation of five core messages and the proposition was defined as: ‘Clover – it’s more than just a payment system’.


Our approach was to put existing Lloyds Bank Cardnet Clover customers at the heart of our campaign. We produced four videos; two testimonial videos and two product focussed videos – one of which was created especially for Facebook.


The core messages were implemented across all customer journey touchpoints which included the Clover landing page, emails to existing Lloyds Bank customers, social media posts, videos and digital displays.


The results speak volumes – Clover core page visits (excluding bounces) increased five-fold per month on average over the 6 month campaign period. Facebook proved the best channel for engagement and traffic quality with the longest dwell times on the Clover page.

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