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LeasePlan UK

A new lease of life

LeasePlan UK, an arm of the world’s largest vehicle leasing group wanted to take a new proposition to market. So they hired us to make it happen.

Changing lanes

Leaseplan UK had built a hugely successful internal culture on the idea of ‘Love Leasing’ – showing a commitment to customer satisfaction through dedicated, personal relationships. They approached us with the goal of embedding this proposition into their external marketing as well.

Love and understanding

Our research revealed a major hurdle in our way: many prospects didn’t understand leasing, let alone why they should choose LeasePlan over their competitors. So before we proposed love, we needed to introduce the idea of leasing.


Six LeasePlan meeting
LeasePlan 'A bit like business insurance' billboard ad

Building relationships that last

To make sure we didn’t come on too strong, we segmented our audience into groups based on their understanding of leasing and LeasePlan. Then we created a customer journey that moved each group through four phases – from education to awareness, action and ultimately love.

It’s a bit like…

Phase one was designed to educate people about leasing. What it is, how it works, and why it’s better than buying outright.

The idea of “it’s a bit like…” changed the way people thought about leasing. By relating it to familiar actions like taking out a mobile phone contract or hiring office space, we simplified the logic of leasing.

LeasePlan 'A bit like office rental' outdoor ad
LeasePlan microsite

The personal touch

To ensure our creative resonated with prospects in different business sectors, we created seven separate microsites. Each one featured copy and content tailored to the individual’s needs, giving them a personalised experience of LeasePlan’s offering.

A happy ending

By the end of phase one, the campaign had generated over 50,000 clicks and 445 leads. That’s not just engagement, that’s true love.

“I would like to personally thank my team and everyone involved for their hard work in turning around a successful campaign in a very short period of time.”

Rachel Hawthorne, Head of Marketing – LeasePlan UK