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Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions

Driving lead generation

To give Hitachi more traction in the vehicle leasing market, we created a site with some very clever engineering under the bonnet.

The need for leads

Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions wanted to replace their old brochure-style website with a dynamic lead-generation hub.

Their services cater for a huge variety of audiences from individual drivers, right up to fleet managers of commercial, HGV and specialist fleets. So the site needed to speak to a wide range of visitors with hugely different wants and needs.

Talking to our customers

To get a clearer picture of our audience and what made them tick, we carried out in-depth user interviews of current and prospective customers.

Through the creation of eight varying persona groups, we identified all kinds of attributes, from their digital aptitude and brand awareness to their favourite marques and models.

Mapping the customer journeys

To ensure our car drivers, van drivers, corporate fleet managers, driving instructors and other personas felt the site was created just for them, we mapped out key user journeys.

These were carried into the site architecture, where four separate ‘lanes’ provided visitors with content, functionality and lead generation mechanisms relevant to them.

Hitachi website planning
Hitachi What? Car

Smart engineering

For the SME market, we built a quotation engine that pulled in real-time data from What Car? and CAP as well as Hitachi’s vehicle database.

This meant customers could search for vehicles by make and model, then see all the options alongside up-to-date user reviews, fuel economy, CO2 emissions, performance and other official data.

The engine also connected with Salesforce, delivering qualified leads straight to Hitachi’s sales team.

A new brand direction

As well as the web build, we played an integral role in the evolution of the Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions brand. From epic photography to use of white space, this visual styling gave the lead generation engine a clean, modern look and feel.

A future-proof design

In the fast-moving world of vehicle leasing, it’s important to stay ahead of changing trends. So we provided Hitachi with a custom content management system (CMS). This empowered their marketing team to make important updates and hone their SEO performance in real time, without a single line of code.

HCVS on smartphone

500 qualified leads in 3 months

From launch, Hitachi’s sales and marketing teams have seen a dramatic upturn in leads. They now have the tools to increase revenue from every avenue of the vehicle leasing marketplace.

Hitachi Capital Vehicle Leasing website