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Tailored blended learning

To help Castrol engage and inform its global distributor network (GDN), we designed and built a learning management system ‘Academy’, which could tailor content to individual user journeys.

Accelerating sales

Castrol’s GDN generates over $1bn in annual revenues. But to reach that kind of contribution, reps need to stay up to speed with the latest information around brands, markets and sales strategy.

Our brief was to replace an out-of-date distributor website with a dynamic training environment.

Castrol Academy
Castrol Academy learning module page

Mapping the learning journey

Because existing sales reps had varying levels of knowledge to start with, a linear approach to learning wouldn’t work. Instead, we set out to deliver self-guided paths.

This meant that first-time learners could complete the whole programme, while more practised reps would only see content relevant to their level of experience.

360° education

Academy’s universal wheel-based design empowered reps to intuitively delve into different learning areas.

Broken down into modules, topics and chapters, a hierarchy of rings marked out different segments, regardless of the language being used.

Castrol Academy learning module page
Castrol Academy learning dashboard

Custom engineering

Content managers were able to use a bespoke content management system (CMS) to create and customise country-specific chapters.

Using templates for virtual classrooms and face-to-face sessions, the CMS gave them a powerful, varied set of tools to build their local curriculum.

Through our user rating system, the content managers could also learn from reps, seeing which course delivered learning outcomes most effectively.

Teaching the world

Academy is currently available for distributors in five continents, with plans to launch in up to twenty more countries throughout 2017.