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Oliver Pitt is just one of the many students we’ve welcomed into the office this summer. He’s just finished his GCSE’s and would like a career in design. He spent a week learning about life in an agency. Here, in his words, is what he got up to during his work experience with us…


I managed to arrive on time on my first day, with a few minutes to spare. Paris welcomed me in and introduced me to everyone. I could feel what the agency was like and the constant buzz and activity, the different jobs I saw on screen was all exciting and I could tell I was going to enjoy it.

My first talk was with Alex the Marketing and Content Manager and we spoke about her job and what she does. She talked me through all of the different things she has done and what she is doing at Six. She also gave me some interesting information about the build-up to getting this kind of job and the university courses that I could do.

Following this, I sat in on a briefing. I gained some interesting knowledge that I hadn’t thought about before, and I noticed different subjects that particularly interested me. I felt that I was very included in the conversation and my opinion was valued.

In the afternoon I was set a task using contagious. I wrote about the competitors of a company that sponsored a rugby team. I looked into the way different companies raised awareness about different topics through the use of sports kits.

Doodles by Oliver Pitt, our Work Experience Student
Some of Oliver’s sketches


I arrived for day 2 and went straight into a call, I listened to the team presenting a pitch. I picked up lots of different things throughout the duration of the call and noticed different techniques and ideas used. The ideas being pitched engaged me and got me interested in what was being said.

Next, I had a talk about the briefing process. I looked at what the briefs were about and what it was like to write them. I learned different techniques of writing used in the briefs and how different aspects have to be picked up and added to the brief. All of the information was coming very fast, but I was trying my best to pick it up. I was then told I would have a go at writing a brief for myself.

I also sat in on a meeting with Chris, the copywriter who talked about a project Six was doing. He introduced me to the project, the aim and what had already happened. Lots of different things had to be checked off and I listened to the ideas flowing. Lots of points had to be taken into consideration and I hadn’t thought about them previously and never thought of them as a problem. This meeting changed my thoughts about this aspect of the agency and gave me an interest in the copywriting side of things.


This morning I sat down with Jo, the traffic manager to find out what she does. Although the traffic manager role is more around managing people and workflow it was actually quite fascinating looking at the way everything has to be planned and the impact that has. She spoke about information being passed from the accounts side to the studio side and all of the different aspects that are considered when choosing who does what and when they do it.

Following this, I talked with Will who does a lot of design work. This area interested me a lot, so I enjoyed our chat a lot and asked a lot of questions. He showed me examples of different designs he had worked on. We spoke about what software he uses and what I could look at learning to do he does. This will help me get to grips with digital design.

Next it was time for another briefing, however, the briefing was relevant to me as I would be getting involved. I listened to what was needed and what the brief was about. I was then told I would have to brainstorm and think about things like the typeface and the colour pallet that could be used in the updated website. There were lots of different aspects that I would have to consider. I was given my brief, a marker pad, and some pens and I was set to work.


Today I sat in on another briefing meeting and listened to different points of view and what was going on. Lots of different things were discussed yet there always seemed to be a link between them.

I then sat in on a planning session and listened to the different processes that had to be considered. I looked at the different ideas and what their aims were although the studio has to be very strict about what they actually choose to do.  They were trying to think of animations they could use but they had to stick to brand guidelines and use certain icons. I was then given the task of planning some ideas for the animations too.

Oliver Pitt honourary doodle selfie alongside the Six staff selfie wall
Spot Oliver’s honourary doodle selfie!


I came in ready for the studio catch-up session. We looked at what people had been working on and what was coming up. Lots of different questions and ideas were put forward. The studio side of things is what interests me most, so I enjoyed hearing and seeing what was going on. Some of the work I’ve enjoyed the most is work with an apprenticeship company and it was even more relevant to me as it is a possible route I might go down. I’ve talked to lots of people about what they did at university and what they would suggest for getting into this line of work and so I’ve gained lots of knowledge there.

Although developing isn’t something I’m massively interested in, I really enjoyed chatting with Ed, the Lead Developer. What he talked about was very interesting. I feel that I might want to learn some coding so that I am able to do little bits of what he can do. My goal though is to reach the level of the Digital Designer, Will. As well as designing, he has a knowledge of coding and can create a basic design for a website. That would be useful in the future.

I then did a task that all new employees do when they start working at Six. I had to draw a little ‘doodle selfie’. There was lots of variety, so I could do anything. I was quite happy with my self-portrait based on how bad my drawing skills normally are!

I’m really happy with how my work experience week has gone and I feel like I gained a lot from it. I learned lots of things to do with the agency and the different roles within the company. I was made really welcome and everyone was very nice to me.


September 4, 2018

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