Transforming Employee Engagement

Recently I’ve been thinking about different management styles and why they are so fundamental to successful employee engagement. Consistency is fundamental however, this isn’t about pushing a one size fits all approach, after all as leaders we are constantly told to ‘be authentic’ in our communication. But get it wrong and you end up with a siloed culture and a vast disparity of different experiences in how people are managed.

I’m really passionate about changing the perception of HR from a process led function to one that’s human behaviour driven’ and helps meet the strategic needs of the business. With employee engagement believed to be the biggest HR challenge of 2019, keeping your best people has never been more vital.

Historically, HR has been the bad guy (or gal), the firing squad, inflicting stern policies of what you can and what you can’t do while producing ‘off the shelf’ values that have little or no meaning really to employees or where the business wants to be heading. More and more process is being thrown at a workforce to put people and performance into neat little HR boxes. But… HR is changing and has been for a while. HR has to understand why people behave in certain ways and constantly ask themselves how can they support positive change.

When I think about how this relates to our own business of 40+ (very talented) people, the core principles are no different and I think we have crafted a safe culture that allows the right amount of freedom to humanise what we do with the right processes in place to back it up – rather than the other way round.

Following on from some recent training we’ve been running with our management team, there are a few extra tips worth sharing off the back of this. Useful to remember, no matter what the size of your organisation.

Communication is really fundamental to personal growth
  1. How we can manage disruption:

We can make the experience of change more real and human every single day through how our managers communicate. Having open, constant and consistent conversations while using the right terminology is helping us to do new things in new spaces.

  1. Making people feel valued:

We offer some great benefits but it’s also important to recognise and celebrate individual achievements too. One of our three values is Freedom to Wow, which represents the impact and value we make in our work – and, we’re pushing it hard this year.  More importantly, everyone here gets it and it’s great to see how the values are translated into their PDP’s.

  1. Developing people and personal growth: 

Again communication is really fundamental to this. We’re having more conversations that are based around career growth. We want to unlock how people think about their development, and this requires responsibility on both sides, not just managers.

And finally, by keeping it human with every individual experience we’re keeping the vision for our business alive.

If you’d like to find out more about how we can enhance your employee engagement, please get in touch with Ruth Clarke.

Ruth Clarke

May 22, 2019

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