Tim, Sarah and Jenny working

We are Six

We’re a creative agency full of spirited individuals.

Proudly independent for over 20 years, our natural curiosity and insight have enabled us to embrace change and develop lasting relationships with our clients.

We love to delve deep, challenge perceptions, explore customer journeys and create experiences that connect with people and ultimately transform the way they think, feel and behave.

True collaborators, we have the confidence to challenge and explore new ideas, the experience to know when to listen and the flexibility to deliver across a range of media.

We do more than look, we see.

What we do

Our services are designed to set your brand apart from the competition and create lasting value through the end-to-end customer journey. Our multi-disciplinary team will research, define and develop across the following services.


Strategy and Planning

Using research and insight to translate customer needs into tangible goals and aligning these with business objectives we get to the very heart of what is required. Right from the outset our planning process ensures brand and campaign effectiveness, strong positioning and creativity that truly connects with people.

User Experience

Sound UX is the backbone of any successful digital campaign, and our projects are informed by real-world research and testing, robust content strategies and thoroughly plotted information architecture. Rather than throwing the term in as a flimsy add-on, we take user experience extremely seriously.

Brand Development

We encourage creative thinking to make your brand work hard. So much more than a solid set of brand guidelines, we are masters of brand translation and development across media that keeps brands fresh and alive. From compelling photography to meaningful messaging and tone of voice.

Digital Design

Form follows function as the saying goes, and once the technical stuff’s out of the way; we dress it up with beautiful design. Ensuring UI elements are appealing, on-brand and web compliant right down to the most seemingly insignificant search icon is part and parcel of our success.

Creative Campaigns and Content

Creative content that excites, resonates and reflects your brand story is a key element of a successful campaign. Our team can create the right form of messaging, copy, SEO, sharing and representation – all designed to create a genuine reflection of your brand and increase awareness. 


The implementation of research and design into a tangibly interactive format is the real pay-off for us. Ensuring our deliverables are tailored effectively across browsers, the full range of mobile and desktop devices, and continually push boundaries adopting the latest front-end technologies helps keeps us at the cutting edge of what we do.

Internal Communication

Brand engagement starts within: and creating a seamless experience at every touchpoint by inspiring your employees. Whether it’s a large-scale organisational shift, a significant challenge, or a new way of working that people need to get behind, we can help bring that vision to life with creativity and conviction.

Video and Motion

An idea is nothing without technical expertise. Knowing where and how content should be used to capture peoples attention is a crucial element of our creative process. Our team are experienced in production for corporate video and animation and are well-versed in creating the right story and script for any brief.

Experience and Events

Creating a seamless experience means thinking differently and pushing boundaries. We enjoy crafting experiences that connect target audiences and bring brands to life. We can turn an event into a brand-enhancing moment, transform workshops into a memorable programme or create eye catching POS.

Deployment and Analytics

We understand that a website is never ‘finished’. As organic and evolving products our digital journeys rarely end with a simple hand-over. We’re proud of our work and monitor performance, user visits and bounce rates to collate analytics and help projects remain relevant and tailored to their intended users.

Meet the team behind Six

Always on hand to listen, challenge and inspire, our team are vibrant, trustworthy and full of personality.