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Willis Owen

Transforming the fortunes of an investment platform

When a stalwart of the self-investment industry decided it was time to invest in their image, they asked us to rejuvenate their entire brand identity and marketing strategy.

Traditional traders

For over 30 years, Willis Owen had given people a platform to invest in the financial markets. But while they focused on building their customers’ fortunes, they had neglected their own. In an increasingly sophisticated digital marketplace, they were getting left behind.

Rather than slipping further back, they asked us to create a new positioning, visual identity and marketing strategy for them. All the things they needed to compete in today’s marketplace.

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Creating a new generation of investors

Our first audit struck on the root of Willis Owen’s problems. Their ageing customer base wouldn’t be around forever and younger prospects were being turned off by an overwhelming assortment of services and a brand that needed modernising.

But behind every problem there’s a solution. And talking to prospects presented us with a valuable insight. ‘Tired parents’ in their late 30’s to early 50’s, face rising costs of living, university fees and increasingly packed schedules. Yet they have cash to spare and dream of a comfortable retirement.

In other words, they were ready to become a new generation of investors. They just didn’t know it yet.

Easy does it

To engage this audience, we reimagined the customer journey from start to finish. Out went the complex mix of services and in came a simple narrative that first-time investors could grasp in seconds: ‘Play. Explore. Invest. Review.’

And the journey’s destination? Based on our insight about our parent’s seeking security in retirement, we created an empowering brand positioning: own your financial future.

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Joining the dots

From logo to photography, we transformed every element of the brand to support this new positioning.

The imagery we chose was full of life and movement, the tone of voice breathed passion into every word, and the dots above the i’s in Willis Owen became a mark that helped to unite the brand.

Crucially, we carried out extensive testing to ensure the rebrand would appeal to younger would-be investors without alienating existing customers.

A brand in action

Bringing together the customer journey, positioning and visual identity into a cohesive whole, we created a new website to launch the brand.

This launch was supported by a three-year marketing plan which will introduce experienced and novice investors to the new world of Willis Owen.

“It made me think that less experienced investors like me… yes, do it, you’ve got nothing to lose.”

Market research participant

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