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5, 4, 3, 2, 1… our rebrand is launched

2015 marked our 20th anniversary, and we used this milestone as a chance to take stock of both where we started and our ambitions for the future. 

Many of our founding principles remain true today, while the world has advanced in technology, communication and consumer power. With this in mind, we wanted to take a fresh look at our brand. Collaborative by nature, we sought input not just from our own people but also from our clients. 

After holding various brand workshops featuring commercial, creative and strategic brains, we created a simple and contemporary brand, which while playful in places, gave us the framework to tell a very clear story about ourselves.  

Six branding development
Six logo development

The aim was never to make a fundamental change to our business, but rather to strike the right balance between retaining the best of the past whilst setting ourselves up well for the future. By becoming Six we have brought into sharper focus what we give to our clients, staying relevant, delivering across a broad creative spectrum and demonstrating effectiveness in doing so.

A mix of creative minds

With a shortened name we initially looked at our logotype and changed it to Gotham, a chunkier font that creates impact. Time was spent crafting the ‘S’ which could also be seen as a ‘6’. This was worked up to tie in with our messaging around challenging perceptions and seeing things differently, born out of client feedback about what we do as an agency.

Six logo development
Six Plan Create Engage process shapes

Our photography style is clean and natural when representative of our working environment, yet more complex when used to depict a certain message. By using a method of cross processing, again the emphasis on things being seen differently is enhanced.

For more functional executions we have a vector infographic style which also weaves in our three symbols that are used to represent our clear process. Plan. Create. Engage.

With all these elements coming together we have a bold, flexible brand that allows us to express ourselves in a way that not only shows what we do but how we do it: whether in communication to our clients, internally as part of our culture or across social media. This is Six.

Plan. Create. Engage

As anyone who has rebranded will tell you, it’s the hardest thing being your own critic. Here’s what we learned in the process:

  • Be clear with your vision
  • Have a plan to work to
  • Involve everyone but have clear decision makers
  • Accept that the original plan will change, and embrace it.
Six brand guidelines

We now look forward to nurturing our new brand and watching it grow. We’d love to hear your feedback, so please say