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Bringing data to life

For the past three years we have shown how digital can empower small businesses and charities, using beautiful design and compelling insights as part of Lloyds annual Digital Index Reports. 

The story behind the data

Since 2014, Lloyds have been analysing thousands of small businesses, charities and consumers in the UK – measuring their use of, and attitudes towards, digital technology. This research is the foundation of two annual reports: the Business Digital Index and Consumer Digital Index.

Our brief was to create a compelling visual narrative for these reports, transforming their extensive research and data into highly shareable digital content that is accessible and engaging.

Lloyds Banking Group UK Business Digital Index 2016 on iPad | Six
Lloyds Banking Group Digital Index Reports | Six

Design language

As the majority of the content was supplied as numerical information, our biggest challenge was to craft varied graphic representations of data that were easily digestible.

With full-colour infographic spreads and a diverse array of graph styles, we built a design language that brought the data to life, clearly showing the meaning behind the numbers 

The personal touch

For the Consumer Digital Index we created four characters to represent different sections of society. Based on anonymous information from 2,000 Lloyds Banking Group customers, the personas of Frank, Hannah, Lorraine and Paul appeared throughout the report, bringing a relatable human face to the data. 


Lloyds Banking Group Consumer Digital Index Reports personas | Six
Lloyds Banking Group photography | Six

Picture the scene

Photography added colour and context to the reports. We sought images that reinforced the human side of our story, showing people in authentic, unstaged situations engaging with digital technology.

Used sparingly as full-bleed spreads, these photographs added a new dimension to the reports without cluttering the layouts.

Going social

To amplify the conversation, we also created six supporting infographics, highlighting key findings from the reports.

Both reports were instant hits on social media, where the combination of insightful content and accessible design generated a huge amount of debate. 

The Lloyds Bank UK Business Digital Index 2016 launched on 19th October and saw #BizIndex16 trending at no. 2 in London and no. 3 across the UK. Over 2 million impressions were made, and more than 160,000 accounts were reached.


Lloyds Banking Group Digital Index reports infographics | Six

“Six were very accommodating and understood that we wanted to create what was right, not what was easy. They enabled us to use the updated branding to really transform the report into something that was far more appealing and relatable to our audience. Six always delivered to a high standard, and were reliable and efficient throughout the project.”

 Joanna Boosey, Project Manager – Lloyds Banking Group

Lloyds Banking Group UK Business Digital Index graphs | Six

Lloyds Banking Group UK Business Digital Index infographic | Six

Lloyds Banking Group UK Business Digital Index stats | Six