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Lloyds Banking Group

Brand reboots

Working in collaboration with a core group of agencies, we delivered three major rebrands for Lloyds Bank, Bank of Scotland and the Halifax.

Three for all

Lloyds Banking Group undertook three rebrands in a short space of time. One was required by law, as a result of the LloydsTSB divestment. The other two were needed to keep the Group’s brands relevant in today’s challenging financial sector.

Due to the scope of the projects and their tight timelines, working in tandem with Lloyds Banking Group’s core agencies was crucial to the projects’ success.

Lloyds Bank rebrand, Bank of Scotland and Halifax brochure covers
Lloyds Bank rebrand animated banner

A holistic approach

The litmus test for any rebrand is the public’s reaction – not just at launch, but in the weeks, months and years to come. This meant every touchpoint, from branch literature to digital campaigns, needed as much care and attention as the brand identity itself.

Building relationships

Working as part of a cross-agency team can present unique challenges. Too many cooks really can spoil the brand. To make sure we built effective relationships, we scheduled regular round-table reviews and collaboration sessions, working as one agency rather than multiple independent teams.

We used this collaborative environment to explore various creative directions and ways of working. This resulted in big ideas being developed that we translated into high-calibre executions across all media channels.

Lloyds Bank rebrand - Six staff with Bank of Scotland test prints
Lloyds Bank rebrand imagery development

Picture perfect

Epic photography gave us the tools to reimagine the personal, emotive side of the customer-bank relationship.

Our aim was to chronicle the extraordinary lives of Lloyds Bank customers. We explored thousands of options before selecting the most evocative photos. In fact, just 0.01% of this shortlist made it into our final designs.

Great Scots

Partnering with the core agency teams, we worked on the development of the Bank of Scotland brand ‘reboot’. Expanding the brand toolkit, the ‘Saltire’ cross from the brand’s logo developed into a new graphic device for framing text and imagery. We created a new suite of proprietary icons and art directed a whole new photography library. Married to a new colour palette, the result was a brand that is both dynamic and cohesive, while still feeling familiar to existing customers. 

Lloyds Bank rebrand - Bank of Scotland brochure spread
Halifax Top Cat digital assets

Halifax ‘Blue Glue’

The new Halifax brand is about as un-banky as it gets. Featuring animated character Top Cat, it’s bursting at the seams with colour, movement and humour.

To translate this fun-loving brand into hard-working communications, we explored numerous design ideas and conceptual executions. This creative process was guided by the desire to find solutions that lived up to Halifax’s brand promise of delivering something ‘extra’.

The next step

The success of the project paved the way for us to become a retained agency for Lloyds Banking Group. This has enabled us to foster a deeper relationship with the Brand team and partner agencies.

“Six are a great agency to work with. They are extremely collaborative, passionate about Lloyds Banking Group’s brand portfolio, and always pursue the right outcome. They work as a partner to Lloyds Banking Group and are very reliable regarding deadlines, response times and attention to detail. Budget is managed closely and any challenges are discussed to ensure the best possible work can be delivered within tight timescales. They push the brand guidelines in the right way and regularly produce a great creative outcome.”

Senior Manager – Lloyds Banking Group

Lloyds Bank storyboarding

Lloyds Bank homepage on iPad

Lloyds Bank mobile banking on smartphone