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The art of storytelling

A number of challenges needed to be addressed as part of the new GWR franchise.  As part of their annual Leadership Conference, Six inspired their leaders and helped them achieve genuine change through a series of workshops.

Empowering the change

Every year the Leadership Conference brings together senior leaders from all functions in GWR to set the leadership agenda for the coming year, and to inspire them to help their teams achieve their objectives. The 2016 conference was significant, coming as it did after the start of a new franchise and as the business began a period of unprecedented change. It was also the first since the business rebranded as Great Western Railway. Leaders would need to be sensitive of the changes facing their teams, to help them understand why these changes were happening and their implications.

GWR new brand storytelling guide (Six Agency)
GWR new brand storytelling guide (Six Agency)

Six’s storytelling workshop

We delivered a series of workshops to underline the importance and impact of having a compelling story when delivering change messages. Given the differing disciplines, experience and expertise of leaders among the delegates, we needed to ensure our approach was as rounded and applicable to all roles as possible.

Beginning the workshop by demonstrating how storytelling has been used through the ages from cave paintings – right through to contemporary business examples. We presented storytelling as an everyday principle that could be used as a powerful business tool. 


A range of inspiring stories

We created a video, presentation and a guide to support the workshop. A simple storytelling framework was used to help delegates frame and communicate challenges or events regardless of topic or sensitivity. 

We then asked each delegate to use this framework to tell their own story – particular to their role or a challenge they’d faced – and which reflected one of their business’ strategic priorities. 

Each of the six workshops ended with a chosen delegate standing up and telling their story to the room.

GWR new brand storytelling guide (Six Agency)

The result?

Lots of varied, compelling ways to deliver messages and a more confident, empowered leadership function as a result.

[We] are hugely appreciative of your hard work to support our conference and pleased with how it all came together. Certainly the overall impression from delegate feedback is that this was a hugely positive day for our leaders. 

Chris Leonard, Internal Communications Manager – GWR