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Earlier this year we welcomed Digital Director, Raymond O’Sullivan to Six.

As an agency with an eye on the future, and continuing to drive growth through our digital services, recruiting a Digital Director into the Senior Management Team was a natural step. We were keen to employ someone who could move our digital agenda forward; little did we know at the time that it would be someone who’d worked with us before.

After studying Marine Sports Science in Plymouth, Ray moved to London for a marketing internship. As his time there progressed, he realised that he was fascinated by the psychology behind the creative process and decided that this was something he wanted to make a career from. But, whilst he enjoyed the work, he didn’t enjoy London and found himself gravitating towards Bristol, closer to Cornwall for weekends surfing and where most of his friends lived.

Digital Director Raymond O'Sullivan

Ray moved to Bristol to join us at Studio Six (as we were then) as an Account Executive and began learning everything he needed to know about client services. As he moved through the ranks to Senior Account Manager, it became clear that his passion lay in the digital sphere and it was no surprise to us that after 4 ½ years he decided to move into a specialist agency to learn more.

That move was to award-winning digital and tech agency e3 where he worked on a number of high profile client projects within the tech and automotive industries. When he left e3 as Account Director, he moved to another Bristol agency, Creation, where he was given the opportunity to develop teams and impact how the business operated, evolved and grew.

Finally, in March this year, Ray came full circle and returned to Six as our new Digital Director. Tasked with a focus on innovation and growing the digital side of our business, he’s a busy man. We managed to pin him down for five minutes to answer a few questions:


What does a Digital Director do?

My main focus is to bring digital confidence and clarity to both our client offering and the individuals who work here. My ambition is to double the size of our business, both through partnerships and in-house teams, offering our clients real commercial impact, the pace of innovation and brilliant imagination. 

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

With me, it’s hard to get a word in edge ways!

But, over that last ten years, I have been lucky to have 2-3 mentors. They have taught me to have a vision and strive for it. Even if my plan changes year-to-year, I always have an eye on my destination – that never tends to change. Sit down and detail where you want to get to, what life you want and how you think you will get there. Then work hard and enjoy the ride.

How did you get started in the digital industry?

When I left university, I moved to London to do a marketing internship for the Extreme Sports Channel. I was more interested in the sports than the marketing at that point but I soon realised that marketing is actually pretty interesting. I was inspired by the creative side and felt like I understood the thinking behind why we did things one way or another. From there I knew I’d pursue a career in marketing and strategy.

What piece of advice would you give an aspiring Digital Director

Embrace the trenches and the complex briefs. It gets easier and arms you for later in your career.

Build a network and make friends – there are so many talented people in this industry, especially in the South West… I try to surround myself with all of them.

Have an eye on trends and the innovation curve, but remember what is required day-to-day in your client’s business. Events, collaboration and reading will inspire you to make the changes in your organisation that prime you for growth.

3 tracks for the Sonos:

Bernard Fanning, Wish You Well – to sing to.

The Used, Taste of Ink – to surf to.

Sam Cooke, That’s Where It’s At – to get married to.

To learn more about Ray, follow him on LinkedIn.

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Alex Ryder

Alex Ryder

August 14, 2017

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