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Are you using data to help grow your business?

Many businesses are sitting on a data goldmine, but not necessarily exploiting the value of the data they have.

We’ve partnered with Bristol-based data consultancy Data3 to look at ways organisations can get started and to help recognise the value in digging deeper into the analytics they have available. Helen Tanner at Data3 has worked with various types of businesses to transform their data into revenue generators. And the results have been impressive.

Data Cubed Revenue Generator

Helen loves data.

“I believe that all business decisions should be data-driven or data-informed.  That’s why I set up Data3 to help improve business performance.”

Building brilliant data tools and dashboards can be tricky. You will want to create data tools that are accurate, intuitive, up to date and used regularly. However, sometimes things go wrong.

There are some common challenges, and hurdles to overcome when building data tools, including:

  • Multiple data sources
  • Data quality issues
  • Unclear business requirements
  • Expensive technology solutions
  • Complex data analytics
  • Poor dashboard design

And, sometimes you can end up building a dashboard or data tool that isn’t valued or used by your business. But these challenges can be overcome. If you go about it in the right way.

Data3 have put together a quick guide to help keep you on the right track. Download our top ten tips for data analytics success to get started.

ten steps to data

Helen Tanner

Helen has over 20 years experience working in senior, commercial roles in global organisations using data to improve business performance.  A self-confessed data geek, she loves working with fellow data enthusiasts who want to create data tools and dashboards. Connect with Helen on LinkedIn.

Ruth Clarke

July 25, 2017

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