Creative Breakfast – Fragments

The Creative Breakfast is an opportunity at Six for our design team to share with the group their chosen inspiration from a given theme. The response is always hugely varied and you can’t help but leave with heaps of new knowledge.

This month the theme was ‘fragments’ and we’d like to share a quick snippet of what went down.

Anthony Neil Dart

Anthony Neil Dart is a multi disciplinary designer and graphic artist, who is the founder of Ontwerp.TV. He describes why he does what he does as:

“ was founded on a sense of truly loving what we do, it was that simple”.

His style often incorporates a layering of both text and imagery and is often fragmented and disjointed, yet comes together to form a very bold and distinctive look.

 Creative Breakfast Anthony Neil Dart | Six

Creative Breakfast Anthony Neil Dart | Six

Creative Breakfast Anthony Neil Dart | Six

Born in South Africa he grew up obsessed with skateboarding and art and went on to study photography and printmaking yet was immediately drawn to the computer. After spending a few years working at some great agencies and post production companies he started a small multidisciplinary studio in 2003. Ontwerp.TV works for clients in South Africa and abroad, focusing on branding and identity, typography, illustration, sound design, product design, motion graphics and visual effects.

Olivier Kugler

Olivier Kugler is a German illustrator, based in London. His work is mainly comprised of on-site observational reportage and portrait based pieces. His clients include The New Yorker, The Guardian and Harper’s Bizarre. His work had been collected over the course of many years in various newspaper articles, presented as part of the ‘Fragment’ Creative Breakfast theme.

 Creative Breakfast Olivier Kugler | Six

Creative Breakfast Olivier Kugler | Six

Creative Breakfast Olivier Kugler | Six

Channel 4 rebrand

The fragments of the iconic Channel 4 logo are used in the new brand and set the tone in colour and movement for each ident. The Channel 4 rebrand from late 2015 was completed by DBLG and others with fonts designed by Neville Brody. They have created a series of longer shots which show the fragments growing in the wild, being used spiritual dance, being mined, and eventually in the lab under a microscope.

Opinion has been divided over the rebrand, with some people asking where the ‘channel 4 logo’ has gone… when it’s right in front of them…

Creative Breakfast Channel 4 rebrand DBLG | Six

Creative Breakfast Channel 4 new logo DBLG | Six  Creative Breakfast Channel 4 typography and fonts Neville Brody | Six

Martin Klimas

Martin Klimas is a German photographer best known for his work photographing exploding objects at high speed. For his 2013 series featuring flowers, Klimas first soaked them in liquid nitrogen to ensure the petals were frozen and then blasted them from behind with an air gun – resulting in dazzling bursts of colour.

Creative Breakfast Martin Limas exploding flowers | Six

Mental health branding

Exploring the theme of mental health, and the role of design within this sector, we looked at three brands and how they have used a theme of fragmentation as a visual representation of the subject matter.

Reflecting the “tension and distorted reality which the state of anxiety can lead to.”

Anxiety Awareness has used a fragmented pattern to express the idea of anxiety.  It certainly does the job of making me feel anxious (which is perhaps the intention) however, I can’t help but feel that a subject of this gravitas deserves to be treated with more a little more sensitivity.

Race against Dementia

Using a similar idea the deliberate fragments in the D represent a shift in memory, a visual device which is carried through various touch points across the brand, creating a memorable and disruptive mark. Tonally, the messaging is centered.


May 18, 2017

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