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Want to know more about the team here at Six? This week we’ve handed the blog over to Tia, our intern. She’s our resident languages expert and has joined us fresh out of university to learn all about account management and all that goes on in a creative agency like Six.

Over to you Tia…

About me

I was lucky enough to join Six as an intern in mid-August after graduating from Newcastle University in July. I’ve just finished a four-year course studying Modern Languages – French, Spanish and Portuguese. As part of my course, I did a year abroad. My time was split between studying at a university in Nancy (a small town in Northeast France) and a work placement as a Finance Assistant in an online betting and gaming company called Botemania in Barcelona. This means I left university with a well-rounded degree, having acquired a lot of skills outside of just speaking and writing foreign languages. That said, I really didn’t have much of an idea as to what my career would be.

I’ve always been a creative person. I was never any good at art at school but I’ve always loved making things – I did the school yearbook when I left – and as my parents are both creatives I’ve grown up in a very arty environment. I was over the moon to have the chance to intern at Six as a Junior Account Executive, as I would have the opportunity to explore my creative side as well as learning essential skills in client services, account management, communication, marketing and mass tea making!

Tia Sackett

A typical day at Six as an intern

I usually arrive at the office for about 8:50 am, after my lengthy commute of two minutes (I live just down the road). At the beginning of the day, I normally join one of the standup meetings to discuss current projects. Everyone involved, from creative to account management, discusses what needs to happen next. Communication between both teams is essential. These catch-up meetings are the ideal way to ensure everyone is informed on the ins and outs of the job they’re undertaking.

Next, I usually offer some support on any job I’ve been involved with. This could be searching for images to use in online campaigns, helping come up with or rewrite copy, or shadowing the Account Managers.

At 11:00 every Monday, it’s Bake Off time! When the Great British Bake Off started again on TV, Six followed with their own version. Every week two different people go head-to-head to show off the tasty treats they’ve made. I competed in cupcake week and had to bake 50 cupcakes so that everyone in the office could have one with their 11 o’clock cups of tea! Scoring is done in secret and the winner will be revealed at the end of the TV series. There’s no doubt that it’s a great way to kick off the week!

In the afternoon, I could be tasked with writing a concept or amending a brief for the creative team (after being briefed on the job myself). I’ll then brief it to a designer and continue touching base with them to keep track of how the job is going through the week. Other tasks often include attending catch-up meetings or sitting in on calls with clients, continuing with my support for various jobs and making sure I keep everything I do neatly filed in the correct place. As I’ve recently discovered, for an Account Manager filing is everything!

Six staff working

Every two weeks, Six has a yoga class at lunchtime. I joined in on my second week, having never done yoga before. My flexibility left a lot to be desired but it was a good laugh. Plus, you feel very relaxed going into the rest of the day!

I usually finish the day by proofreading presentations before they go out to our clients. Then I make sure everything is ready for the next day’s work. On Fridays at 5 pm when the Sonos starts playing everyone’s favourite tunes we have desk beers too, which is definitely a great way to start the weekend!

What’s impressed me most about working at Six is how much work goes into every single job. And how proud people are of their work once it’s completed. It means there is a great atmosphere in the office. Everyone is busy but always friendly and can spare a minute to chat or explain something to me. I really do have to thank everyone for being so accommodating. Everyone takes time out of their busy day to show me something or other!

What’s next?

In terms of my personal plans for the future, I’ll continue as an intern at Six for the next few months so that I can keep building on the invaluable experience I’ve been getting so far. After Christmas, though, I hope to find a job at an agency in London. I’d like to experience living and gaining experience working in the city, and I have lots of friends and family who live there already.

That said, when I do go, I’ll definitely miss working at Six… wherever I end up next has certainly got a hard act to follow.


September 18, 2017

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